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Almost from the very start, I knew that I had met someone unique in Tim Taylor. Gracious, hospitable, and conscientious are the words that first came to mind. Our small group settled into the modest accommodations at Frontier Lodge and gathered on Tim’s deck to talk about the climb planned for the next day. Besides the inviting fire, and the beer in my hand, the one thing that I will always remember from that evening was Tim describing the approach to the climbing location as having “a few” fallen trees to navigate. I slept fitfully that first night, anxious about my ability to climb outdoors. Despite the lack of sleep, I rose with a mixed sense of anticipation and dread, drenched in sunlight and crisp mountain air.


If I could give 6 stars I would!

I have been a customer of Girth Hitch Guiding for the past 3 years and what an amazing experience it has been. Tim Taylor and the GHG team have provided outstanding guidance, leadership, and training. Tim is not only an expert at teaching how to move in the mountains, but also an inspirational person who I admire. I can’t recommend GHG enough!

Lance Floreani

My outdoor experiences with Tim have challenged me and pushed me to improve myself both physically and mentally. Not only to be a better climber, but also to be a better person. Two years ago, I could barely climb the most simple of routes on rock. Tim was patient, calm and encouraging. We used the weekend to discuss many of the challenges in life, both personal and at work. We connected. I did manage to get up half a route that weekend – through sheer determination – and I felt like I made real progress. I learned so much about the technique required to climb and since then I’ve practiced in bouldering gyms to keep improving. But my desire to climb comes from the time I spent outdoors with Girth Hitch Guiding and the prospect of having more enriched adventures.


Tim has an incredible ability to see potential in people and encourage them towards growth. I have been hoping to develop basic rock rescue skills as well as gain some more confidence leading on gear. Tim created a specialized intensive one day course for me to meet my objectives. I was challenged mentally and physically and finished the day feeling more technically competent but also with a renewed passion for climbing.


When I met Tim, I had scarcely been gym climbing for two months. My eventual goal was to get into mountaineering and alpine rock but I didn’t know where to start. Within several months, Tim got me going on multi-pitch rock, ice, and gear in addition to teaching a variety of rescue skills.

I can’t recommend learning with Tim enough. He is exceptional at teaching the logic of technical rope systems and passionate about encouraging clients to reach their goals and beyond. Tim stands out in his profession through his emphasis on “transformational adventure.” Every session with Tim was an opportunity to grow – physically, psychologically and personally.


This summer my husband I decided to check off a few items from our bucket list. In doing so we made arrangements to have a helicopter take us to 3 remote areas. Because we knew we are novice in what lay ahead of us we asked for a guide.

In the beginning I was quite nervous about what lay ahead in an unfamiliar territory. As soon as our guide Tim was  introduced to us he immediately put me at ease. Not just from his friendliness but seeing that he was prepared (bear spray 😉).

Our first drop off was Cline Confluence (Cline River)it was great. Tim was surprisingly knowledgeable about every plant and of course the area.

On our second drop off Lake of the Falls which was pretty intimidating but exhilarating being let off on the cliff of a mountainside, we stopped and had an awesome lunch and enjoyed the peacefulness and beauty of this place. This one was the most challenging but rewarding drop off.

Once we were told where we were to meet the helicopter for our 3rd and last pickup I got a bit concerned on how this was going to go since my husband had just had back surgery 6 weeks before and has trouble with his knees, let alone me worrying about him when he had a heart attack just a year ago. Again, Tim’s presence, confidence, and genuine caring of our well being kept a watchful eye on us both. He may not know how much I noticed but I did and it brought me so much peace to know that he was there with us and was quite qualified to handle any situation which I am happy to say we had none. Tim was always there to lend a helping hand to make our path easier and of course to give us the adventure of a lifetime. At one point we had come across a batch of snow so we made snow angels.

By the time we were dropped off for  our last stop Landslide Lake we were exhausted. We hiked down to the lake, pulled off our shoes and soaked our tired feet and had some snacks.

I will add this, one of the many great things about Tim was how he kept my husband occupied. It was like a father and son trip for them. They talked about life from A to Z while I was able to do my thing in peace 😉 😂 which was enjoying the beauty and peace that I was blessed to be surrounded by and try to capture all of it with photos and stories to tell to my grandchildren.