Mountain Skills Progression
& Course Schedules

There are many Mountain Safety Skills you can learn from us: Multi-pitch CLimbing, Leading on Trad Gear, Rock REscue, & Apline Climbing.

Mountain Skill Course Schedule

The following calendars will show you available dates. If the date you want is not available, contact us!

Spring Into Rock

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Lead Rock Weekends

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Rock Safe Weekends

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Rock Safe Pro

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Multi-pitch Pro

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Trad Lead Weekends

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Alpine Skills Weekend

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Alpine Leadership Week

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Mountain Skills Progression Tree

 There are many Mountain Safety Skills you can learn from us. This Decision Tree will help develop skills on your climbing progression. 

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Summer Course Progression

  1. Never been in the mountains? Bring your friends for Adventure Rappel
  2. Never tried rock climbing? Sign up for Try Rock or experience how cool a Via Ferrata Adventure is!
  3. Are you confident top rope climbing? Sign up for Lead Rock
  4. Lead climbing and anchor building is feeling pretty good? Multi Pitch Pro or Rock Safe is for you
  5. Progressing beyond your first few multi pitches and pushing out? Rock Safe Pro
  6. If sport leads, rescue, and multi pitch climbing are feeling pretty natural it’s time to sign up for Trad Rock
  7. If you can’t stop dreaming about alpine climbing in the amazing Canadian Rockies Alpine Skills Weekend is for you.
  8. If you want to refine the skills and tools required to climb in the dynamic alpine environment … Alpine Leadership Week is for you!

Winter Course Progression

  1. Never been in an ice canyon? Come Explore an Ice Canyon with us and try ice climbing!
  2. Just getting started or looking for a great opportunity to brush up your skills Try Ice is for you
  3. Feeling strong, and wanting to climb your very best, while maximizing efficiency? Steep Ice will take you there
  4. Experienced top rope ice climbers who are climbing well and want to take the sharp end should sign up for Lead Ice
  5. Our most advanced course is Multi Pitch Ice. Here we combine multi pitch rope work and ice leadership skills.
  6. Don’t forget to take your AST1 course before you head out onto the bigger lines with snow lurking above.